An innovator in the vertical world, Perpetual Industrial Services has provided work at height solutions for various clients from oil platforms in the Atlantic Ocean to research facilities in northern Canada. We offer a wide range of commercial and industrial services including; window washing, inspections, building maintenance and architectural lighting installations. 

Our rope access technicians are highly trained and have been certified by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association).  Our team works within IRATA and SPRAT guidelines, while following strict safe work procedures and ensuring we meet or exceed industry or job site requirements.


Each of our projects are assessed, planned and documented, while ensuring compliance is met with the applicable local and international legislation. Our equipment is inspected meticulously before each use and we ensure our safety systems are properly checked and verified before work commences.

Safety is our core value and with minimal impact our services have on a client’s daily operations, we are confident that our team can offer an affordable and cost saving solution for any project at height. Commercial or residential, nothing is out of reach!